(Diary Entry 901) My Criminal Classmates Kicked the Can and I just Can’t Seem to Care


Ok, so Amy and Bron weren’t really criminals, but they were assholes. And before they were assholes they were my friends. Actually, probably not. Real friends don’t do the following: spread vile rumors about you, call you a “stupid blonde bitch who should go ‘eff herself,” call your brother the most racist word in the English language, and try to physically attack you. They did all of that to your’s truly during my sophomore year at the Alonis Academy totally unprovoked and out of the blue. So, when I was on my Costa Rican family vacation exploring the town of Tamarindo I was shocked but didn’t feel a wave of sadness for Amy and Bron when I learned that they were killed. Call it my darkness welling up in me, but not even that news could get me to revive the friendly feelings I had for them before our massive falling out.  

However, they were not the only ones to catch the ultimate L– Carey did too. Even though I make it a point to know as much about everyone as I can, we had no classes together and beyond me catching his quick looks at me from afar and saying “hi” here and there we did not interact much. So, I did not know him well. Still, I did feel really terrible about his death; he was never a criminal nor an asshole. RIP Carey.

I seriously want to know what happened. One of the news reports read:

California Teens Massacred in Canon Drive Murders

Aurora, California June 12, 2016

Horror touched down on the affluent town of Aurora, California when Paisley and Darrin Cross returned home from an evening out to find their daughter Amy Cross (16), nephew Carrey Loving (16),  and a family friend Bronson Murray (17) murdered. Crime scene reports depict the hellish event as one where Amy and Bronson were decapitated and left without a single limb attached to their gutted torsos. The third victim– Carrey Loving, was found tied to an overturned chair with his feet and legs bound. He suffered major stab wounds to his chest and abdomen along with a severe laceration to his throat.

This has been labeled a “locked door murder” because the victims were found in the basement panic room which had with no windows and only one entrance/exit that was locked from the inside. The panic room was installed by DVS security two years ago upon the request of Mrs. Cross, who is a high-ranking executive at the billion dollar pharmaceutical company Levicos. The Crosses became alarmed when they returned home and noticed that they could not locate their daughter, and the panic room’s door was locked. They placed a call to DVS Security who promptly arrived to open the door, revealing the Cross’ worst nightmare. The police and medical services were notified immediately and arrived within minutes.

As of now, there are no suspects and authorities are baffled. All three victims were students of the California chapter of the highly exclusive Alonis Academy. 

How gruesome is that? VERY. I may not have liked Amy or Bron, but I surely did not want them or Carey to have to endure anything that horrific. Plus how crazy is it that such a horrible thing happened back home while I am on vacation in Costa Rica and about to go snorkeling? What a reminder to feel blessed that I’m safe in paradise with my family. I’ll be home soon enough.

RIP Amy, Bron, and Carey.