Cyndi is a girl of ultimate mystery but her Diary is a true glimpse into exactly who she is. If you desire to read the diary of the girl that everyone wishes were their BFF you will discover:

Cyndi Seems “Perfect” but She Believes She’s a Freak

Everything thinks Cyndi is perfect from the outside looking in. However, she is highly self-conscious and considers herself a freak because of her mysterious “super powers.” Her worst nightmare is that someone will discover how different and FAR from perfect she really is.

Cyndi Experienced Massive Trauma When She was Younger

Cyndi’s father was not always the upstanding individual that he is considered to be now. Mr. Alan Chase had many dark dealings in his past and one of them resulted in the kidnapping of Cyndi and her brother Jayson when they were young. Cyndi did not survive that incident unharmed and lives with a permanent reminder of her ordeal.

Cyndi is a Bonafide Fighter

All fathers want their daughters to be safe. Cyndi’s father took that to another level after she and her brother were kidnapped. Once Cyndi was rescued she began her martial arts training.  That was years ago and now she’s basically a Sixteen-year-old master. The only problem is that there is a difference between training to fight in a safe and controlled gym and being in an actual fight for your life in the unpredictable streets.

Cyndi Lives in Her Own Reality

Cyndi totally knows what is going on in the “real” world, but that does not stop her imagination from creating her own augmented reality. She sees what people are saying above their heads just like closed captions appear on TV. She can see people as trading cards with their “stats” (name, age, personality rating, most important secret, etc.) listed for easy reference. Additionally, If you tell her a story she can see the events unfold as if she was right there when they happened.

Cyndi Loves Candy

Candy is one of Cyndi’s rare vices. She loves the sweet and chewy experience of eating gourmet Raspberry Australian Licorish. The only candy she likes more than that are the gourmet jelly beans made by her aunt Kimber Lime. If you want to get on her good side and win her loyalty, bring her some new candy that she has not tired that she will absolutely love.