I Really Travel Across Dimensions. These are My Thoughts on “The OA”

by | Dec 16, 2016

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One thing’s for sure, Netflix wants to stay on top by consistently dropping new content. Without any real warning, they released “The OA” and not even its trailer gave any real clue as to what it is about. With that being the case, I must say that this post contains:


First off, I really enjoyed “The OA” because as an actual interdimensional traveler it spoke to me in ways that it simply cannot to others. For me, it was not a matter of juxtaposing the dimensional travel of the series to what I do in real life because they are not remotely comparable. Instead, it made me step back and really check myself.

Think about it, I go on and on in my diary about how I can easily jump between galaxies and dimensions as long as I know what combination of buttons to press on my Alonis Device. How lucky am I? What I’m getting at is that I’ve taken some utterly fantastical elements of my life for granted. I guess that’s because since I’m constantly putting my life in jeopardy to battle homicidal transdimensional foes that want to kill everyone in my city I lose sight of a few things. That’s something that can cause my downfall with the QUICKNESS. “The OA”  made me realize how easy my galactic and dimensional travel is for me and that I should never let the wonder of that experience dull.

“The OA” details the PAINFULL journey that Prarie had to endure in order to learn how to sparingly leap between dimensions as a means of escape from capture.  So far, whatever my quest will turn out to be, it has never been about me struggling to gain my abilities; they kind of just showed up. My journey is about all of the crazy stuff I will have to use my abilities for to defend everyone around me from death and other mishaps. That tale is the one that I believe makes my diary so interesting. 🙂