OK, so now that my own series is actually out I can stop screaming at Troy CLE for being so lazy. I mean come on, it has taken him years to release this. Since that is the case,  there are a few things that those who have been eagerly waiting for my book and Marvelous World 3 and those who have no idea who I am should know. I pulled that essential info directly from one of Troy CLE’s posts.

Words from Troy CLE:

1. Horribly Marvelous is a New Marvelous World Series

The Horribly Marvelous series is a companion to the Marvelous World series. It will not retell the same story through the eyes of Cyndi Victoria Chase. Instead, it will its own intertwined story line that just happens to focus on Cyndi’s role within Marvelous World, which is just as important and exciting as Louis Proof’s. This series will quickly catch up to the core series and will drastically move the story forward.


2. This Can be Your First Marvelous World Book

This story takes place before  “Marvelous World Book One: The Marvelous Effect” so you can start here and read the other Marvelous World books later.


3.  Cyndi Victoria Chase is the Central Character

Cyndi has been Marvelous World since day one and was always said to be as important as Louis Proof. This novel will explain why that is and give her her well deserved “origin” story.


4. Louis Proof is in Horribly Marvelous

You simply can’t have the return of Marvelous World without Louis Proof.


5. You Will Leave Planet Earth and this Galaxy Entirely

A portion of this book takes place in the Hour Glass galaxy, which is the galaxy where The Magnificent ProliFnGlitcH is from.


6. Cyndi Victoria Chase Kicks Ass

It was mentioned that Cyndi was a martial arts expert in Olivion’s FAVORITES.  Cyndi will find herself in peril and will kick and punch her way out of it.


7. This Book Takes Place Before “Marvelous World: The Marvelous Effect”

Yes, it does. However, it GREATLY expands the Marvelous World Universe.


8. This series has its own soundtrack.

Yes, all of the music that will be heard during diary entries and promos is original and produced by Tony Swag.


9. This is not Marvelous World Book Three

Sorry. However, that book IS coming.


10. This Series Reboots Marvelous World

The story is still the same but a few things will be changed when the Marvelous World series is rereleased. This book has changes that the new books will reflect. Trust me, nothing has been drastically changed. Just enough to update the series and make those who read it before read it again.